Guided Meditation with Fiona Lamb


Guided Meditation with Fiona Lamb - a hypnotherapist and the amazing creator of Mind Detox meditation App.

Try to close out any sound around us, get comfortable - sitting or lying down, its up to you.

This will be a visualization meditation. Where we engage the imagination to release fearful thoughts and focus on our inner calm and peace. This will be a good tool/technique to help you deal with anxiety.

Close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing. Breathe in and out. Nobody needs you, this is where you need to be, its your time.  Focus on the in and out of your breathing, let go of fears, worries. Let go of the tension in your jaw, your shoulders. Relax those tensions.

There is no right or wrong way to meditate, just focus on your breathing now. Allowing thoughts to come in and then drift away.

Put the analytical left side of your brain to the side. Use your imagination to tap into the creative part of your mind, keep the breathe going steadily.

There is a lot going on in the world, things to be fearful - let that go. In the here and now you are safe, so breathe out the fear and breathe in the feeling of peace and safety. It's okay to have other thoughts, just let them float away, like balloons or clouds.

Connect to the stillness and peace within - this peace is always in you, guiding you, protecting you and supporting you. An anxiety comes when we pay too much attention to the ‘what ifs’ and things we should be doing,  so now I want you to know that everything you’re doing right now is enough. You don’t need to do more, say more, be more. You are enough, surrender to this here and now and feeling of calm relief. You choose to release fear, you choose to feel safe in this moment. Repeat - I am safe.

Feel softness of your breathe and thoughts, of the muscles in your body from the head to the toes. Release any judgement, there is no right or wrong way to do this. Juts connect to the stillness within you.

Breathing in and out. This your time to surrender. I choose to simply surrender. Release the past, future, be in the here and now.

connect to the stillness and peace within