Health and Wellness with Jody Shield

Health and Wellness with Jody Shield for our #PAPERpositivity sessions

Jody in her own words; ‘I’m a conscious business coach supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders to scale their online businesses. I work 4 hour days, practice elite productivity and am nuts about bio-hacking and human performance.’ Here, she is directly talking to our PAPER ladies and men about human performance.




I want to teach you 3 wellness tips that will support you to help you get grounded and balanced. I am the Queen of transformation!  Remember these points when we feel tense, our triggers go and we feel overwhelmed. These should help us find space, mindful, and give us time and the tools to recover.


  1. Every morning when I wake up, no matter how my night's sleep was, I take one hand and put it into a fist. Do it with your dominant hand. Firmly but gently tap on your collar bone whilst simultaneously take some cleansing breathes in and out. This will help with anxiety and stress. How does this work? You’re sending calming and neutralizing signals to your fight/flight response part of the brain. This part of your brain is the part of the brain that can send you into an anxious spin. The tapping is sending calming signals to the amygdala and letting this part of the brain that’s everything’s fine, and we don’t need to be on high alert. The deep breathing at the same time gets oxygen and nourishment into your system faster. When we’re stressed we end up shallow breathing. IT can make you feel dizzy, pause, wiggle your toes and sit deeper into your hips and pelvis.
  2. When the world is out of your control use affirmations: I SURRENDER. Why does that work so well - it activates the part of you that lets go. Turn this time around into a positive time. Make the most of it.  There will be creative endeavors that come out of this time.

When the world is out of your control use affirmations: I SURRENDER.