In Conversation with the Fumiko from @FaceYogaMethod

 Fumiko Takatsu of the Face Yoga Method

I’ve always loved anything natural. I started getting acne as a teenager and had no idea what to do. My mother always said how our bodies having healing powers - listen to it. It was hard as a teenager, I didn’t listen (!) I covered it with lots of make up.

This carried on through my teens and 20s.

I then got into a near fatal accident in my 30s. I was sitting in the passenger seat when the car hit us. It made my body so out of line, and my face too. After that, I stopped recognizing myself in the mirror. I also started ageing, as I was in my mid 30s.

I realised that our face is a muscle - we have over 40 muscles in our face, so I could tone my face just like we would our body.

I started my journey in Japan which was 17 years ago.

Face Yoga is exercise just like we would move on our body, but on our face - we can isolate the muscles we don’t want to move and tone those that you do.

For example - it's not just randomly moving your face. Its more subtle and more precise. If you want to tone your eye area there are some movements you want to do, but you don’t want to be scrunching up your forehead. Likewise, If we want to lift the forehead, we work on relaxing tension in the rest of the face.  Just like the body!

Some people find they have results straight away - because its showing you how to use your facial muscles, which we normally don’t pay any attention to.

We learn how to release tensions and relax - after the first lesson it gives you awareness which you can practice everyday. Very effective for any age - prevention is good as we can create habits from a young age.

It can also help if you get injectables, like botox. It can help prolong the treatment in-between, some of her students don’t get botox anymore as they’ve seen such results and its more natural looking.

Right here we go!

We’re going to work on warming our face and increasing bloody flow around the face.

First of all, look at your posture. Sit up straight, don’t curve or bend your shoulders forwards.

Now imagine we have a perfect centre line running down the middle of your face from the top right down to the sternum.

Now open your mouth as if your yawning, keeping the line straight. Focus on the line in the middle. Now without wrinkling your forehead look up with your eyes, to the middle of your forehead and then the top of your head. Don’t forget to breathe in and our from your nose and hold for 10 seconds. Do that set 3 times and you will increase the blood flow, warm the face and feel more stimulated.

To relax the forehead, which lots of people find they hold tension there.  Out your hands on the top of your forehead, pull back gentled. Do the open mouth yawn again, look to the end of your nose and then to the middle of your forehead. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed and breathe for 10 seconds.

Now tap the back of your head at the bottom, the very top of your neck. We call this the ‘O’ move. Try to do 3 sets, twice a day. First thing in the morning is a good time as you will see results and start your day off positively! And before bed so you don’t go to bed with stress face.

The forehead is a large muscle that joins to the back of the next, all the way over the head. Often there is a correlation between people who look surprised and wrinkle their forehead to those that get headaches.

For more excursuses check out our instagram - Fumiko led us through some amazing exercises which really felt good and our faces felt amazing afterwards!

We have over 40 muscles in our face, we can tone them just as we would the body