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Project Biodiversity

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Project Bio Diversity + PAPER

We’ve teamed up with Project Biodiversity; an environmental organization dedicated to the protection of vulnerable and endangered wildlife on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde.

In 2017 Project Biodiversity released 17,621 baby turtles from their hatcheries. From those, only around 70 will make it back to Sal Island in 25 years time. This is because hundreds of adult turtles will die from pollution, poaching and 

by-catching ghost nets.

We are doing what we can and so can you! For every Coconut Swimsuit sold, part of the proceeds will be donated to help support the wonderful wildlife on the Island so that more baby turtles will have a chance to be the 1 in 1000. Purchase consciously and help protect our planet's biodiversity!

Sustainable Swimwear

#LookGood #DoGood #FeelGood PAPER Swim; a characterful collection of swimwear crafted with care. Each piece is made using a sustainable material fabricated from recycled fishing nets - working to keep our seas clean and minimise new ocean waste. Not only is it eco-friendly, this innovative fabric also protects against the sun’s rays, offering the equivalent UV protection of an SPF50 sun cream, and is twice as resistant to chlorine and greasy lotions 

than other swimwear fabric

Coconut Swimsuit in Ivory
Coconut Swimsuit in Humbug

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