Quick-fire QA with Hayo'u Method Founder, Katie Brindle

W O M A N  C R U S H  W E D N E S D A Y ~ Katie Brindle Q & A 💫

Founder of the Hayo’u Method and Hayo’u Fit


Tell us a bit about what you do?

Well - I'm a Chinese medicine practitioner and 10 years ago I thought ‘there must be an easier way to get this incredible content to others’ to encourage self care.

What initially inspired me was after having a car accident when I was 21 - which changed my life. Everything fell apart. I couldn’t be a singer which is what I wanted to do. I was in a lot of pain and things spiraled. Years later, I found Chinese medicine, it gave me so much relief on every single aspect of what had happened to me and has continued to marvel me and I want it to help you too.


How has your job influenced your life?

It has influenced my life exponentially. The reality is my life has completely turned around as a result of my huge passion of this incredible medical lineage. My entire life revolves around my brand.

I get up every single day and deliver a live Chi-gong class, we now do Saturday night disco Chi-gong class!


What has your work taught you that you’d like to pass on?

It's taught me to be really and truly inspired by what it is that you do. You need to love what you do - whatever it is, do it with a whole heart and huge sense of gratitude and service.  In turn it will give you energy and bring huge satisfaction in your life and give you meaning.


My morning or night time ritual?

Both morning and night involve my crystals.

Morning ritual is in the shower, I will put a cleanser on my skin and use the rounded edge of the crystal and press stroke it over my eyes and give you radiance. Ready for the day ahead!

Night time - I do the same, I use the crystal for longer and taking the stress out of my skin. Beauty restorer is my go to tool I use.


If you’re feeling low - what do you do?

I do Chinese medicine as it helps with everything!

It really understands how the spirit and the body are intertwined with each other, you can improve the spirit by virtue of improving the body and vice-versa.

A simple technique I use to invigorate energy, soul and spirit. The Bamboo tapper. Simply by tapping my body, all over including my head gives me an instant burst of energy and helps me when I'm low.  Super charge your spirit and soul!


What is your most read book on your book shelf?

Ah well I have hundreds and hundreds of Chinese Medicine books, it's all I read! But there is one book which I go back to, other than my own, is called ‘The 8 Immortal Healers’ by Mantak Chia its a book that love, I referred so many patients to.


If you weren’t doing what you’re currently doing, where would you see yourself?

Well, I guess if I hadn’t converted my practice and be evangelizing it through social media, I would still have my practice, or be working on retreats and one-to-one patients.


What have you learnt from this year? (2020)

I've learnt how relevant the self care message is. I’ve been advocating it for 10-15 years, and how important it is to have a drop of prevention, rather than a bucket of cure. In 2020 with so many strange things going on in the world, this message has been sinking in, and more people are finding the benefit of it.

The other things I’ve discovered this year, is how important free things are, (eg.) humanity, conversation, knowledge, information, kindness, compassion these are all things were embracing due to less consumerism and less frenetic energy as we’ve been at home.


Where is on your bucket list next to visit?

I’ve always wanted to go to Taiwan - I’ve been all over mainland China, and most of South-East Asia. There’s amazing Monasteries and tea plantations, a very sophisticated high tech culture, but also steeped in traditional Chinese medicine in a different way that it's presented in China.