• White Leather Sandals

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    THE WAIT IS OVER !!! Our gladiator sandals are en route... 

    Made from 100% leather with crocodile effect and easy access zips at the back to help you slip them on and off wIth complete ease.

    We think they go with pretty much everything! We love them so much you may have seen them a few times before from our shoots ;)  so go get ‘em #PAPERLDNgirls…..

    We're shipping end of May 2021 for these so you'll have them on your feet ready to strut down the catwalk, we mean pavement, by early June. 

    Who's with us?


    Our planet needs a bit more love. Thankfully, with your purchase this will aid the removal of 5KG of ocean plastic in Southeast Asia and Africa. That’s the equivalent of 400 plastic bottles! We’re shocked too, how can this be possible? Well through the wonderful work of Verdn, a portion of your purchase will support disadvantaged communities and sponsor waste removal in polluted areas, meaning we can look good, do good feel good! Cheers to you. 

    After your purchase has been made, you’ll receive a link to track the progress of our ocean cleanup act and see the impact your sponsor has had! 

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