Here we go #PAPERLDNgirls! We absolutely loved Positano so we wanted to give you the low down. Few places evoke easy glamour of the Mediterranean as powerfully as the Italian seaside town of Positano. 


Our Spring Summer 2021 collection from #PAPERLDNgirls draws its inspiration from the idyllic Italian seaside town of Positano, renowned for its easy glamour and Mediterranean charm. With cascading bougainvillea, fragrant lemon trees, and pastel candy-colored houses rising from the azure waves and clifftops, Positano exudes a heavenly ambiance that's hard to resist.

The town has been a muse for several artists, including Patricia Highsmith, who based the port of Mongibello in The Talented Mr Ripley on Positano's 1950s elegance and beauty. Today, a low-wattage celebrity still shimmers alongside traditional Italian living, making Positano feel like an impeccably fashioned film set rather than a mere coastal town.


The relaxed and undeniably chic way of life in Positano influenced the brand's emphasis on natural fabrics and relaxed silhouettes this season. The collection features crisp cottons, breezy linens, and ethically sourced sumptuous silks in elegant shapes. The designs are topped with feminine braiding, frills, and bow details, alongside signature statement sleeves and classic cotton pieces updated with beautiful black scallop trims and flattering cut-outs. All of these pieces are designed to make you feel empowered and awesome!

The colour palette was drawn from the faded pastels of the town. Shades such as peach, coral and mint bleached by an ever-present sunshine and softened by a dramatic sea mist that rivals even the best Instagram filter. And so, when it came to deciding where to shoot the campaign, the answer was easy - picture-perfect Positano of course. So we packed our bags, crossed our fingers the pandemic wouldn’t scamper our marvelously laid plans and off we went to explore....

April 21, 2023 — Paper Team