Our Care Guide

When you find that perfect dress, you want it to last as long as possible, in the same beautiful condition it arrived in.

Shower With Your Swimsuits

Our swimwear is made to be worn in strong sunlight, for sea swims and dips in the pool. However, it is still essential that your swimwear is well looked after so it maintains these fabulous qualities. We advise washing whilst showering, to avoid the excess use of water. Preferably cleaning in cold water with no harsh detergents. If machine washing, go low and hang to dry in a shaded spot away from direct sunlight. Remember, these babies don't like tumble dryers.

Linen Lovers

Wash your lovely linens low. We advise a low, gentle wash, no tumble drying and hang them out to dry whilst sufficiently damp. Reshape whilst drying as washing can cause the shape to alter, with a good steam to get those creases out... If you can be bothered.

Linen Lovers

Linen always features heavily in each season at PAPER due to its biodegradable quality - it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Made from flax plant fibres, linen is extremely cost effective and every part of the plant can be used, leaving nothing wasted. Flax is resilient and can grow in poor conditions, naturally using far less water than cotton. It just gets better and better!#LINENLOVE

Mindful Mulberry

Silk needs tender love and care, this baby is delicate and precious so take care of it like you would a baby lamb. A gentle hand wash in cold water will do the trick, using very mild detergents, slightly dry by wrapping it in a towel and lay out in the shade. If in doubt, take your silk to the dry cleaners for extra peace of mind.

Woolie Time

Wool has fantastic qualities, not only does it keep you cozy through the winter months, it also has antibacterial properties... So technically this baby's doing half the work. We advise spot cleaning where you can for any clumsy spills, if you have to, then hand wash in cold water and lay flat on a towel to dry.


Recycling Your Swim

Our swimwear is made to LAST, however, when it does reach the end of its life, send it back to us so we can find a new use for the material. You’ll receive 20% off your next swim purchase and you’ll be an Eco Hero in the process. It’s a win win! #PAPERCIRCLE