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100% recycled

We are aware that fashion has been named and shamed as the world's second most polluting industry. Here at PAPER we are fully committed to being part of positive change, using 100% recycled materials from the ocean to create our swimwear.

Save Our Seas

This story begins six-years ago on an exotic beach in Mexico (sounds inviting doesn't it).

Ten years earlier our creative director Kelly had visited this beach in Mexico, with plush white beaches and a crystalline turquoise-blue ocean.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

What was once a blinding white beach, was now grey, littered and looking miserable. The ocean was red and thick with seaweed, the locals spoke of their growing concerns for their home.

Climate change and mass pollution had devastating effects on this beach and we were SHOOK- stomach's churning, eyes watering, the lot.