Life is a journey...

This story begins six-years ago on an exotic beach in Mexico (sounds inviting doesn't it). Ten years earlier our creative director Kelly had visited this beach in Mexico, with plush white beaches and a crystalline turquoise-blue ocean.

We had just launched our full swimwear range and wanted to shoot a tide-turning look book in an exotic location. Returning to the same beach, Kelly was horrified to see the juxtaposing sight that was once that luxurious view 10 years earlier.

What was once a blinding white beach, was now grey, littered and looking miserable. The ocean was red and thick with seaweed, the locals spoke of their growing concerns for their home.

Climate change and mass pollution had devastating effects on this beach and we were SHOOK- stomach's churning, eyes watering, the lot.

We felt compelled to change our ways, as you know...
“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Nobody's perfect, but we are doing our best to be part of a positive change in the world.

This is a collective mission that we are invested in right from our supply chains through to our customers. We are driven to become a better friend to the environment, we hope you'll join us in this fight.

We'd like to thank the kind support from Eco Age, BFC and Healthy Seas for helping us navigate this road.

Here is a little summary of what we do:

It's not quantity and speed, it's quality and process.

We invest in responsible manufacturing and take time to source high-quality, sustainable fabrics that will look after not only your skin but our home, Planet Earth.

We drive to make timeless, versatile wardrobe staples, built to outlast the ever-changing trends.

Our Swim

Every year, 8 million (crikey) tonnes of plastic enters our oceans. Killing wildlife, damaging ecosystems and polluting the big blue. That’s why at Paper, plastic is given a whole new purpose.  In our solid swimwear we use ECONYL, a 100% regenerated Nylon fibre made from recycled fishing nets and any waste products found floating around the ocean. Ghost nets are responsible for entangling millions of marine animals a year, so by removing them from the ocean and turning them into something functional we are helping to clean up the oceans, we think this is pretty darn great! High five to that.

We don’t stop there, we love our textured swim here at Paper, even better as it’s made using REPREVE yarn. Plastic bottles are sooo last season, so why not turn them into a 100% regenerate polyester yarn!? Since 2018 we’ve recycled the equivalent of 112,500 plastic bottles! AMAZING. In addition to this the production of REPREVE yarn emits fewer greenhouse gases, conserves an extreme amount of water and energy compared to making conventional fibres. Who can argue with that.

We look after you

Here at PAPER we want you to be safe in the sun and wear protection - the good news is that all our ECONYL swimsuits are the equivalent to using SPF50. So you can worry less and have more fun!

We look after the planet

Trees are vital in the health of our planet and ecosystem. We’d like more of them! For every purchase of our swimwear we’ll plant 5 mangrove trees within Madagascar, Mozambique or Kenya. These specific trees are a gem for keeping underwater and coastal ecosystems healthy as they filter and purify the water systems they are planted in. Who is planting these trees do you ask? The local communities are provided crucial income through reforestation projects, meaning your purchase is doing a whole lot of GOOD! After your purchase has been made, you’ll receive a link to track the progress of your reforestation impact.

Caring for your swim

Our swimsuits are built for longevity and you can further extend its life by caring for it in the following ways:

  1. WASH LESS, WEAR MORE – Think before you wash
  5. DRY FLAT – and avoid drying in direct sunlight

No one likes a sandy bottom or a sandy swimsuit. In your post-swim shower, you can rinse your swim suit out by hand. Machine washing only when necessary, and hand washing the rest of the time can help add years to the life of your swimsuit. Although if you must machine wash then we would recommend using the eco washing setting, use a natural bleach free detergent and add either a ‘Cora Ball’ or ‘Guppy Bag’ to prevent micro-fibre plastic pollution during wash.


Our swimwear is made to LAST, however, when it does reach the end of its life, send it back to us so we can find a new use for the material. You’ll receive 20% off your next swim purchase and you’ll be an Eco Hero in the process. It’s a win win! #PAPERCIRCLE

Our ready-to-wear

Our Planet

Our planet needs a bit more love. Thankfully, with your purchase this will aid the removal of 5KG of ocean plastic in Southeast Asia and Africa. That’s the equivalent of 400 plastic bottles! We’re shocked too, how can this be possible? Well through the wonderful work of our partners at Verdn, a portion of your purchase will support disadvantaged communities and sponsor waste removal in polluted areas, meaning we can look good, do good feel good! Cheers to you. After your purchase has been made, you’ll receive a link to track the progress of our ocean cleanup act and see the impact your sponsor has had!

Linen Lovers

Linen always features heavily in each season at PAPER due to its biodegradable quality - it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Made from flax plant fibres, linen is extremely cost effective and every part of the plant can be used, leaving nothing wasted. Flax is resilient and can grow in poor conditions, naturally using far less water than cotton. It just gets better and better! #LINENLOVE

Mindful Mulberry

Although historically silk has proven difficult to sustainably manufacture, the PAPER design team are committed to sourcing GOTS certified organic silk by the end of 2020. This means the beautiful PAPER cover-ups you’ll be slipping into on the beach will be made from fine organic silk, making your holiday wardrobe cleaner, environmentally friendlier and #CHEMICALFREE.

Deadstock Driven

At PAPER, we always guarantee a percentage of our collections will be made from deadstock fabric. Textile and garment factories have unused fabric that is often taken to landfill or incinerated adding to CFCs. These fabrics may be left over because they have defects or have been printed on the wrong fabric or with the wrong scale. We at PAPER see the beauty in these fabrics and choose to recycle what would have been dumped. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! #PAPERWASTE


We like to think we’re ever-evolving. That’s why we've transformed all our packaging to compostable plastic poly bags. This means that the bag will decompose within 6 months in a compostable environment, turning to nothing, no waste, nada! We think this is pretty great considering a normal poly bag would take 1000 years. We get impatient.

No one likes to be labelled, but when we do, we use FSC paper hang tags. This is a globally certified paper that ensures the protection of our forests so they’re alive for generations to come- Save the trees! As well as this, our back neck internal labels are made from 100% recycled polyester… now you won’t mind being labelled.

Happy workers, happy clothes

It is important to us that our factories operate ethically and comply with international laws concerning fair wages, safe working conditions and standard working hours. We do this by visiting our factories regularly to ensure that our workers are being treated with respect.

We work with two small family run factories based in Mainland China and Macau who we have long- standing, honest working relationships with both and work together to make sure we are operating ethically.

Paper friends

Friends are important to us. That’s why we massively value the charities and organizations we support. In 2020, we’re teaming up with organizations around the globe in support of climate change, wildlife conservation and empowering women and girls.

Tree huggers and proud

PAPER has teamed up with the incredible environmental charity One Tree Planted. Not only do they help create a healthier climate, they also aid reforestation and protect biodiversity - all by planting trees! Go green and help us support this amazing cause by buying our rainbow swim story. For every rainbow piece sold we’ll plant another tree… winning!! #YOUBUYWEPLANT

Project Biodiversity

Project Biodiversity is an environmental organization dedicated to the protection and conservation of sea turtles and other vulnerable wildlife on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. We've teamed up with them so that every Coconut swimsuit you buy, 25% of all profits will be donated to support the amazing work they are doing.

Beach sweep

PAPER loves nothing more than a day at the beach and that is why we LOVE a beach clean-up day. Four times a year (after every seasons collection) the PAPER team descend on a local beach in the UK to do our bit cleaning up plastic waste and rubbish to help keep our waters and wildlife detritus free. Dogs, surfers, beach bums welcome so please email us at beach@paperlondon.comif you fancy it.

We celebrate every body

As an all-female team, at PAPER our focus is on celebrating women for their individuality, strength and ever-changing bodies.

We want women to feel beautiful, empowered and comfortable in form fitting, flattering swim pieces to suit every size.

PAPER sizes now run from XS - XXXL on our most popular styles, meaning even more women can enjoy our vibrant, sustainable swimwear.

We’ve got your bottoms covered.