Summer is here and so are our fabulous statement sleeves. 

Prepare to be captivated by the irresistible allure of PAPER London's statement sleeves. Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely need to let the sleeves do the talking. 

1. Unmatched Elegance

Brace yourself for an infusion of unparalleled elegance.

A statement sleeve doesn't always have to be about its colour…our Martha Dress will show you how.

PAPER London's statement sleeves boast bold shapes, intricate detailing, and cutting edge designs that will take your style to astonishing new heights. 

The Martha's delicate balloon sleeves provide that added detail towards your Parisian dreams. Prepare to turn heads. 

2. Timeless Allure

Forget fleeting fashion fads. PAPER London's statement sleeves are the epitome of timeless chic. With their perfect blend of contemporary flair and everlasting appeal, these sleeves guarantee that your dress will remain a coveted treasure for years to come. Prepare to invest into the perfect dress for summers to come. 

The Laura Dress and its classic bow detailing are age defying! One item you're sure to rely on. 

3. Endless Versatility

Ready to conquer any occasion? PAPER London's got you covered. 

From formal affairs to casual rendezvous, these sleeves effortlessly adapt to any setting. Whether it's a picnic with friends, quick trip to the coast or a summer wedding, the possibilities to showcase your individuality are endless.

Here we have selected items that demonstrate just how adaptable PAPER London sleeves can be. 

4. Wearable Art

Prepare to be adorned in true works of art. PAPER London's designers painstakingly craft each sleeve as a masterpiece, transforming your dress into a mesmerising canvas. 

Unleash your inner artistic muse with our latest Bandeau Porto Dress' flattering adjustable straps that pose as a statement of intricacy, matching the vibes of any holiday destination. 

5. Empowering Confidence

Fashion is your key to unshakeable confidence.

Embrace the boldness of PAPER London's statement sleeves and watch your self-assurance skyrocket.

Spark conversations with the Emely and Laura dress and radiate an effortless glow that sets you apart from the rest.

Their exaggerated scalloped bow detail provides that added boost without drawing too much attention away from the star of the show (that's you by the way!). 

Ladies, indulge in the fashion revolution! 

Embrace the enigmatic charm of PAPER London's statement sleeves. With these awe-inspiring dresses, you'll unlock an exquisite fusion of style, versatility, and timeless elegance.

July 14, 2023 — Paper Team