The Humble Waistcoat

It's no secret that the waistcoat has made a revival this season, and we couldn't be more pleased about it! Arguably one of the most versatile wardrobe gems, gone are the days when the waistcoat remained confined to formal suiting: today, it emerges as a true symbol of understated wardrobe classic.


At PAPER, we understand that true style is not confined to trends alone—it's about harnessing the essence of a piece and breathing new life into it. Its comeback prompts us to remember that even the most unassuming elements in our wardrobes possess incredible potential. Its understated charm is a canvas upon which individuality can be painted. Be it a structured silhouette or a relaxed fit, the waistcoat adapts seamlessly to diverse styles, beckoning us to explore its endless possibilities.


As we celebrate its return, our styling team has put together a collection of handy tips that will give your waistcoat a modern twist. Whether you're dressing up for a formal occasion or aiming for a casual and cool ensemble, these tips will help you up your fashion game.


Top Tip 1

Choose lighter fabrics, such as linen and tencel, to stay cool throughout the season.


Top Tip 2 

Simplicity is the key here. Consider the waistcoat your ultimate tank top—effortless and straightforward.

 If you're seeking a touch more coverage, effortlessly layer it over a fitted tee. It's a breeze!

Georgie Coleridge Cole wearing the victoria waistcoat

Top Tip 3

Bring it into the workplace. While its off-duty appeal is undeniable, the waistcoat presents a fantastic opportunity to infuse a refreshing twist into your professional attire, especially as the temperatures rise.


Top Tip 4

Opt for a monochromatic look by coordinating your waistcoat with the same color family as your pants or skirt. This elongates your silhouette and gives you a polished, modern appearance.


Top Tip 5

Break down style barriers by pairing your waistcoat with unexpected pieces. 

Transform your look by partnering it with distressed denim, injecting a bold and edgy aura into your ensemble.


August 31, 2023 — Paper Team