About Us

About Us

The fashion industry needs to change.

Faster, cheaper and trendier have taken over. They have melted our ice caps. Burned down our forests. Tricked us into thinking we always need more, more, more. So if you think fast fashion should be outlawed, you’re right. If you think every business on Earth should be trying to have a positive impact, you’re right. And if you think your clothes should make you feel good and happy, we think you’re right about that too. For us, it starts with a blank piece of Paper. Then, we pick a colour. Everything else bubbles up from there… Striking patterns. Structured shapes. Unique details (sea-shell cups anyone???) Timelessly chic. Always joyful. 100% sustainable. Created from scratch every time to find the best possible way, to make the best possible clothes.

Because PAPER clothes are not designed to be worn twice and tossed aside.

They are designed to turn every wardrobe into a gallery of well-worn and much-loved statement pieces. To become the favourite coat slipped on for the next twenty winters. The ever-complimented bikini still snug wash after wash. The stuff your future daughters will steal when they think you’re not looking.

All designed to be re-sold, repaired and recycled. All thoughtfully created right here in London..

We exist to make high fashion slow.


Please contact care@paperlondon.com for customer service enquiries.

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